Laurie's Artistic Pawprints 
Leaving a Paw Print In Your Heart      

A portion of every item sold will go towards various animal charities and organizations to help care for animals.

I've loved animals all of my life and have been fortunate to be able to spend time with many of them.

We bought a horse from a rescue facility, he was many pounds underweight, he's looking great now.  A few months after we got him, I lost my dog to cancer, I was devastated.   She was my lil girl and best friend of 13 years.  

Our horse is treated like royalty and it shows.  The joke around the barn is that he is completely spoiled, lol, in my opinion, why shouldn't he be.  He makes me laugh and smile with his charming, caring and adorable nature and has helped me tremendously in dealing with the loss of my dog- which was the biggest and most devastating loss of my life.  This horse and I have helped each other.  We were two lost souls, both in need of rescue.

There are two wild crows that have been visiting me and I've been feeding them on and off for 10 years.  

If I was financially able to, I would help every living animal on the planet.  They all deserve it but I can only do what I can do and this is it!

I've been drawing horses and other animals since gradeschool.  Oneday, while grieving over the loss of my dog, I decided to draw and paint a picture of her and other animals, I started to do this daily as I found it to be an outlet that really helped me to overcome some of the depression I was feeling.  

Not only does doing my artwork have a great therapeutic value, it can be sold and a portion donated to various organizations that help my favorite beings, the innocent...the animals. 

This website and my artwork is dedicated to my lil boy Ben and in Loving Memory of my lil girl Kimber .

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In loving memory of my lil girl Kimber
Our lil boy Ben
 Also in my dedication and inspiration section:  I've recently started painting humans, I started with one of my favorite hockey players 'Todd Bertuzzi'.  Just watching his games inspired me to paint him...up until recently, I didn't paint people...look what it lead to... a whole new section of my original artwork.